Soldier systems

Engineering excellence in soldier systems

MSI is known for offering the industry’s broadest variety of Human Machine Interface devices that leverage our engineering and human factors expertise developed through 50 years of serving defense applications. Our exceptional value-added engineering services, quality and logistical support provide customers with what they need to meet requirements for both product and program management. It is this commitment to meeting customer needs that has led MSI to become a systems solution provider for man-portable, dismounted operations and soldier systems.

Soldier systems expertise

With over 50 years of experience serving military control applications ranging from turret and remote weapon station controls to unmanned air and ground vehicles, MSI possesses an intricate understanding of how soldiers interact with their systems. How a soldier uses a system is just as important as why they need it in order to ensure operational success and that is where MSI comes in. Our experience sets us apart as experts in:

  • intuitive control
  • optimization of human factors
  • usability
  • accuracy
  • mitigation of fatigue
  • management of operator cognitive load
  • Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) reductions

SWaP and reducing the soldier's load

The soldier's load is typically viewed as physical and significant focus has been put on consolidating systems and reducing the equipment, and therefore the weight, that soldiers have to carry. While MSI is focused on SWaP and has successfully reduced man-portable controls by up to 30% for all 3 parameters of size, weight and power draw; we are also sensitive to the cognitive load imposed on soldiers as they use and interact with their mission critical systems. While achieving reductions in SWaP, MSI will also deliver reductions in cognitive load resulting in enhanced operator effectiveness, reduced training time and increased mission success.

Networking the soldier

The key to a successful soldier system is increasing ISR by ensuring that timely and actionable data gets to the right soldier at the right time. This often means supporting the soldier at the tactical edge with the delivery of real time links to data, video and voice - and doing it securely. MSI, in partnership with the joint technologies available through Ultra Electronics, possesses the capabilities to enhance the development and upgrade of soldier system platforms.

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