Miniature joysticks

As the inventor of the miniature force joystick, MSI designs and builds the most precise and robust multiple axis controls available. For use as stand-alone components for OEM use with our miniature styles also available for integration into our control grips and hand controls, MSI's selection of force and displacement joysticks provide a wide variety of options to meet customer requirements and application needs.

Miniature force joysticks

Miniature Force JoysticksWhen precision and fine control are required, the force joystick often provides the ideal functionality. Though a force joystick may barely seem like it's moving to an operator, the applied force is translated to a voltage signal output through the use of our strain gauge technology. MSI has been perfecting the force joystick since its invention and, as a result, produces the most precise and reliable Miniature joysticks available for applications including:

  • precision camera control
  • sensor and FLIR control
  • tracking and positioning systems
  • cursor control, including flight worthy

MSI's force joystick offering provides options based on size, output and mounting.

Force joystick functionality may be incorporated into any of our grip styles as either a component within the grip or as a function of the grip itself.

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Miniature displacement joysticks

Displacement Joysticks For those applications that require greater operator movement for actuation, MSI offers a line of miniature displacement joysticks. Originally designed and manufactured using traditional potentiometers and gimbals to provide signal output and operator feedback, MSI has since introduced non-contact sensing Hall Effect technology for increased precision and reliability. Leveraging magnetic sensor technology in place of potentiometers provides MSI's joysticks with a smooth feel, a more reliable return to zero, and improved operator accuracy.

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MSI's Miniature joysticks are available with a selection of knobs and handles and many can be configured with additional functionality including z axis and pushbutton operation.

For additional information on MSI's Miniature joysticks and which technology would best suit your precision application, please contact us.

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