Miniature joystick models

Miniature Force joysticks

  • 462 Miniature Force Joystick
    Series 462 - The standard for miniature force joystick performance in a compact design offering high reliability and performance for Commercial/Industrial applications.
  • 465 Military Grade Miniature Joystick
    Series 465 - Mid-grade military performance for applications where heat and humidity are not significant concerns. Designed to meet MIL-STD-202 requirements.
  • 467 Heavy Duty Miniature Joystick
    Series 467 - Heavy Industrial grade performance with resistance to heat and humidity as well as airborne gasses and solids.
  • Series 469 Displacement Joystick
    Series 469 - A lighter duty joystick intended For more information controlled environments while still providing performance and durability with sealed construction within a brass casing.
  • 470 Fully Ruggedized Force Joystick
    Series 470 - Fully ruggedized and hermetically sealed for the most severe military applications. Designed to meet humidity requirements of MIL-STD810 and sealing requirements of MIL-STD-202.

Miniature Displacement joysticks - Hall Effect

MSI's Hall Effect Miniature joysticks offer true non-contact sensing functionality for improved
reliability and enhanced performance.

  • 5000 Hall Effect Displacement Joystick
    Hall Effect
    Series 5000 - MSI's Hall Effect joysticks offer true non-contact sensing functionality for improved reliability and enhanced performance.
  • 5100 Micro Hall Effect Joystick
    Series 5100 - The first micro Hall Effect joystick offering the smallest available package with ideal user feedback for fine motor control. Through innovations to reduce size, weight and power, this little joystick leverages our non-contact sensing design to maintain reliability and performae to military specifications even in this little package.

Displacement joysticks - potentiometer

  • 520 Single Axis Displacement Joystick
    Series 520 - Single axis functionality with spring return to center and molded plastic construction.
  • 521 Low Friction Displacement Joystick
    Series 521 - MSI's most versatile joystick offering smooth, low friction 2 axis control with options for both pushbutton and z axis functionality.
  • 523 Throttle Joystick
    Series 523 - Single axis control with spring return to center or stay in place functionality. Ideal for throttle applications.
  • 531 Heavy Duty Joystick
    Series 531 - Heavy duty, 2 axis control with all metal, sealed construction. Available with direction or limit switch options and push button functionality.
  • Joystick Accesories
    Accessories - MSI offers a variety of knobs and hat designs to suit finger and hand operation of our joysticks. Our selection supports gloved operation, frequency of use and customer preferences. For additional options, please contact us.

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