Human Systems Integration

As the expert in HMI and a part of the Ultra Electronics group of niche businesses, MSI possesses the unique ability to leverage our expertise in human-in-the-loop systems to support our customers' Human Systems Integration (HSI) requirements.

The soldier is already at the center of everything that we do. Now that the soldier is moving out of the vehicle in response to the requirements of unconventional warfare and urban operations, MSI is moving along with him to provide hand-held, networked control solutions.

In order to maintain mission superiority, the dismounted soldier needs to not only maintain control and access to his mission systems - land vehicles, UAVs, communications, weapon systems and situational awareness systems, to name a few - but he also needs to be networked to ensure accurate, real-time communications and transfer of data. And he needs all of this without adding significant physical or cognitive load to his already challenging job.

To keep the soldier plugged into his mission systems and all of the technology he needs to be successful; high-performance, lightweight, hand-held control solutions optimized for his particular mission are required and MSI delivers.

Human Systems Integration solutions

At MSI, it's a natural progression to provide the versatility to move the control out of the vehicle, reconfigure it to fit in the soldier's hands and then integrate all of the functionality the soldier needs to manage his mission while on foot:

  • remote control of vehicle systems
  • remote control of weapon systems
  • access to secure communications
  • intelligence from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • situational Awareness from Unmanned Ground Vehicles

In addition to direct access to the command and control of mission systems, warfighters today also require connectivity and enabled joint operations through:

  • networked connection to brigade and mission command
  • secure and assured network connectivity for the duration of the mission
  • system and hardware interoperability
  • common architecture

Engineering for Human Systems Integration

We use our expertise in Human Factors Engineering, Human Machine Interface and providing customized solutions to design and produce the Human Systems that are required to keep our warfighters out of harm's way. Because MSI's systems operate at the sub-prime level, we are platform agnostic which means that we can and will ensure true plug-and-play interoperability for the systems we develop regardless of the finished system application.

To find out how MSI can enhance your human-in-the-loop system with innovative solutions for optimized operator performance and reduced SWaP, please contact us.

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