Human Machine Interface

MSI specializes in HMI which is Human Machine Interface for control solutions. With humble beginnings as a small test and measurement defense contractor, MSI quickly became an innovator through original inventions like the force joystick. It was MSI's early success with building control technologies, that led to its now 50 years designing, building and servicing control solutions primarily for military applications. The majority of our solutions center around hand operation ranging from finger operated to hand operated to arm operated controls; however, the modes of HMI are expanding and MSI is continuing to innovate to provide operator control solutions that are both intuitive and reliable.

Our HMI solutions include:

A tradition of intuitive control

At MSI, we don't just manufacture hand controls, we provide control solutions that optimize operator performance based on the application. By focusing on human factors in addition to customer requirements, MSI considers how, when and where a system is used as we configure and design our custom solutions.

MSI's focus on Human Factors Engineering and intuitive controls results in control solutions that

  • optimize operator accuracy and performance
  • reduce fatigue
  • reduce training time
  • improve usability
  • provide meaningful operator feedback

You will find MSI's Human Machine Interface solutions in all of the following applications:

  • weapon control and targeting systems
  • payload control
  • remote weapon system control
  • unmanned flight and payload control
  • unmanned ground vehicle control
  • precision camera control
  • FLIR control
  • unattended sensor management
  • cockpit and flight simulators
  • mounted and dismounted interface
  • remote vision systems
  • unmanned operator control
  • soldier control systems

Experience and engineering excellence

With a proven track record in Army, Navy, Airforce and Marine applications, MSI's HMI solutions - whether a simple joystick for cursor control, a compact Gunner's control for a turret or a complex flight critical control - can be found on many platforms and programs in operation today. As the provider of the Commander's controls fielded for the CROWS II Remote Weapon Station, MSI has shipped over 12,000 units for fielding in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Battle tested and theater proven.

For assistance selecting the best available HMI solution for the most demanding applications, please contact us.

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