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Hand ControlsMSI's hand controls couple our broad offering of grips with our high performance joystick technologies for the best possible performance. As the inventor of the force joystick, MSI continued on a path of innovation to design, patent and manufacture non-contact sensing Hall Effect technology for our hand controls which enhances both performance and reliability.

Hand Control Styles

Ultra MSI hand controls feature:

  • Gunner Hand Controlsa wide variety of form factors including traditional Gunner and Commander controls as well as lightweight, handheld solutions
  • battle-proven performance that withstands not only documented specification requirements, but also real life wear and tear
  • fully customizable solutions from the HMI experts to meet customer application needs
  • continuous design and innovation to meet changing operational needs as well as enhanced human factors required for military operators in theater
  • the support and service needed to achieve program milestones, meet technical requirements and to sustain the program through after-market maintenance and repair

How does MSI's non-contact sensing technology improve hand control performance?

MSI chose to focus on technologies that deliver performance in support of customer requirements and, as a result, introduced non-contact sensing Hall Effect technology. The benefits of MSI's non-contact sensing technologies over traditional potentiometers are:

  • reliability due to our true contactless design which eliminates mechanical gimbals and therefore also normal mechanical wear on the transducer
  • accuracy and precision through a more reliable return to zero, high resolution, high breakout force and exceptional linearity
  • compact and lightweight as a result of our more compact, "gimbal-less" design

Reconfigurable control - replace or upgrade quickly and cost effectively

Reconfigurable ControlRealizing that repair and upgradability are key features for our customers, MSI developed and patented the Reconfigurable Control, RCC™, interface. By leveraging a plug-and-play connector interface between the grip and the transducer base, MSI has made it possible to replace a damaged or worn out grip without having to remove the base. Grips get stepped on, power washed and otherwise abused in theater, but why should our customers have to go through the time and expense of repairing or replacing an entire hand control when simply replacing the grip will get a system back up and fully operational? In addition to providing simplified repair, MSI's RCC™ technology enables upgrades to functionality which can help keep both development time and implementation costs to a minimum.

A trusted leader with a legacy of excellence

For over 50 years, MSI has been committed to designing, building and servicing control solutions for the men and women in the military who place their lives on the line every day.

MSI's control solutions are frequently used in force protection applications that allow soldiers to operate mission equipment remotely or from the protection of an armored vehicle. Warfighters depend on our designs and reliability so we build it as if our lives depend on it.

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