Hand controls

  • Commander's Style Hand Controls Commander's Style Controls - Altek
    Commander's style controls - Supports 2 or 3 axis control and available with MSI's patented non-contact sensing Hall Effect technology for a smooth feel and enhanced reliability.
  • Gunner's Yoke Hand Controls
    Gunner's (yoke) style controls - This control is our workhorse for turret and drive control applications. With a variety of designs addressing different platform requirements, MSI's solutions offer enhanced toe-in, camber and caster to minimize operator fatigue. Also, with increased attention to space constraints, MSI has a version that significantly reduces the size of what has traditionally been a fairly large hand control.
  • Hand Held Controls
    Hand held controls - In support of dismounted operations and the control of unmanned vehicles, MSI was first to offer hand-held, man-portable controllers in game-style and tablet designs. Compact and lightweight with enhanced HMI capability for concentrated and versatile functionality. These intuitive control solutions not only improve operator control, but they also reduce training time by leveraging familiar form factors. Our applications have also expanded into single handed controllers that are ideally suited for Soldier systems.
  • Customized Hand Control Solutions
    Customized solutions - MSI has the product library and transducer technologies to design and manufacture ideal control solutions for virtually any military or ruggedized application. Any of our standard or custom grip styles can be leveraged into a more advanced hand control through our high reliability non-contact sensing transducer technologies.

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