Control grips

MSI is the leading provider of control grips to defense and Prime contractors all over the world. Designed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions encountered in theater and elsewhere, MSI's customizable control grips often solve the application challenges customers frequently face and are rooted engineering excellence.

  • the largest available library of grip shapes and sizes with thumb, pinky and trigger positions supported
  • control grips designed for left-hand, right-hand and ambidextrous applications
  • designs conforming to Mil Standards 810F for performance and 1472D for Human Factors
  • designs incorporating up to 9 HMI devices (various switches, joysticks and triggers)
  • fully customizable solutions based on proven designs and engineering excellence
  • rugged and sealed designs that withstand harsh environments, over-use and abuse
  • comprehensive repair and upgrade services

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What is a "control grip"?

A Control Grip is a fix mounted handle fitted with finger operated human machine interface (HMI) devices, including, but not limited to Miniature joysticks, switches and triggers. A grip that is fix mounted is considered to be a control grip, if that same grip is mounted on a transducer base for additional displacement hand operation, the end product becomes a hand control.

MSI Control Grips are perfectly suited for applications including:

  • weapon systems control
  • gunner's and commander's controls
  • target acquisition and tracking
  • payload and sensor control
  • cockpit and crew station controls
  • flight worthy and flight critical controls
  • FLIR and optical system control
  • unmanned system control
  • UAV
  • UGV & robotics
  • cursor control
  • simulation
  • high fidelity flight & weapon systems
  • heavy industrial
  • medical
  • and much more

Control grip options & features

MSI's control grips can be configured with as few as 1 or as many as 9 separate HMI devices for effective and reliable operator control regardless of application demands. Available with LED indicators, back lighting and customer specified labeling as needed, MSI's control grips may be configured with any of the following HMI device types and more


  • MSI's proprietary miniature force and
    displacement Hall Effect joystick
  • MSI's patented Hall Effect micro displacement joystick

Switch types

  • momentary
  • rocker
  • toggle
  • 4- and 5-way
  • rotary
  • safety

Triggers & dead man switches

  • single detent trigger
  • dual detent trigger
  • trigger guards in multiple styles, including custom
  • low resistance dead man switch
  • capacitive dead man switch

Once configured, MSI's control grips are fully programmable and can be manufactured to be dual, triple or quad redundant for mission critical and weaponized applications. We support Windows and Linux compatibility as well as USB, RS232 and RS432 outputs.

Regardless of your ruggedized application, MSI has the solution.

Why MSI?

As part of the Ultra Electronics group of businesses, MSI provides the entrepreneurial spirit and nimbleness customers expect from a small company while also maintaining the security and confidence that comes from working with a larger, more financially stable company. With Ultra Electronics Measurement Systems Inc. you get the best of both worlds - superior engineering with innovative, customized solutions and the assurance that we will be here to serve you in the long term.

If you would like to know more about MSI control grips and products that are best suited for your high performance applications, please contact us.

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