Control grips

MSI's grip styles

  • 1505 Die Cast Aluminum Control Grip
    1505 Series - Our standard, die-cast aluminum grip is the go to form factor for many applications. Its ambidextrous and versatile design can support up to 9 joysticks and switches including trigger, pinky and thumb positions as well as a dead-man's switch. One of our newest features is a capacitive dead man switch which actuates via touch rather than depressing a switch.
  • 1600 Thermoset Plastic Control Grip
    1600 Series - Molded out of high strength, thermoset plastic and modeled after our 1505 series aluminum grip, the 1600 series offers a lighter duty solution primarily for Commercial/Industrial applications.

Specialized grips

Specialized Control Grips

It's typical that a customer will want one of the above grip styles but with a slightly different shape or configured to accept a specialize type of switch. At MSI, we will not only accommodate typical requirements, but we will also provide a customized grip specifically designed to meet the unique applications of a customer. Drawing from our catalog of 30,000 part numbers, we often don't have to go far to find something we've already done and when we need to, we will start from scratch while still drawing from our vast experience.

Contact us and MSI will provide a unique, human factors optimized solution to meet your specific application need.

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