Markets - CivilWhile MSI's core competencies with precision engineering and providing customized solutions for fully ruggedized applications lend themselves best to military applications, the performance and engineering services we provide do solve problems and answer a need in other market areas.

With MSI's portable control systems offering secure and reliable communications along with ruggedization and support of apps, we've developed a natural fit for both civil law enforcement and first responders. In MSI's core market of defense, reliability is one of the most important features we offer. When communications and connectivity are critical in portable applications, MSI now has solutions to provide a new level of functionality for civil applications.


Markets - Commercial, Industrial

When precision matters more than anything else, MSI provides unparalleled reliability for finely tuned controls. That's why MSI is a favorite for remote camera control when getting the shot right the first time is critical. MSI's joysticks have been in use at sporting events and in Hollywood for years. Our customers believe our technology is worth it because they trust the performance and require the reliability.


MSI's precision controls can lend themselves well to medical applications. As with many other applications, we often provide a solution when no others are available. Whether for high performance wheel chairs or for precision control over diagnostic equipment, MSI is one of the few companies that will customize a control system to meet unique applications and requirements.

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