Human Machine Interface

Measurement Systems Inc. (MSI) has built its portfolio of HMI devices around hand controls that are so robust and reliable, they consistently perform in the most demanding military applications. Customization and solving your engineering challenges to produce the most effective controls for your application is MSI's expertise.

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Human Systems Integration

Through Human Systems Integration (HSI), MSI now offers solutions for control systems that integrate our HMI expertise with both enhanced functionality and portable systems. By empowering warfighters with consolidated functionality, processing power, network capability and reductions in size, weight and power, MSI can bring mission critical control systems to the next level.

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Product Service

Recognizing the importance of turn-around-time and effective communication for Repair, Overhaul and Upgrade programs; MSI has developed an R&O system that facilitates improved turn-around-time and a level of communication that provides you with a clear status on MSI controllers or products from another manufacturer.

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